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How does it work?
Three addresses?
What are the advantages of the Magpie Mail email system?
Why should I use Magpie Mail rather than one of the 'free' redirection services?
Why isn't this a free service?
Do I have to pay on-line?
Will I still by able to use my current email address?
What changes do I need to make to my email program?
Can I use my Hotmail or Yahoo email account for my Magpie Mail email?
How long does my Magpie Mail address last?
What and who is Magpie Mail ?
Does this project carry any official endorsement?
Why do I need a Magpie Mail address?
Any questions we haven't answered?

How does it work?

Magpie Mail is an email redirection service. Any mail received for you at your Magpie Mail address is forwarded directly to whichever mailbox you specify. If your current email address is, you simply tell Magpie Mail to forward all your email to that address, and through it, the mail goes directly to your Inbox.

Three addresses? Contents

When you register a name at Magpie Mail you activate three addresses:, and They all forward email to the address you nominate when you register. You can use the one that grabs you the most or you can use all three - your choice. They all work.

What are the advantages of the Magpie Mail email system? Contents

  • Magpie supporters are born, not made, and we all know that our support is forever - thick and thin. Who better to deal with than people who know that feeling deep in their bones and provide a service that caters to that very permanence. Your Magpie Mail email address can last as long as your support for the Pies - a lifetime. You could move to anywhere in the world, change schools, universities, jobs or internet providers a thousand times, but your Magpie Mail email address will ALWAYS remain the same. No matter what else changes, your address is FIXED for as long as you have it registered! All you have to do is visit this site and record your new email address and your Magpie Mail will follow you wherever you go. One football team, one email address, forever, regardless of what else changes in your life.
  • Business cards and stationery can be printed with the confidence of knowing that your email address is not going to change.
  • Many people prefer this type of service to webmail (Hotmail, Yahoo etc.) because it is received in exactly the same way as your everyday email, right to your Inbox - you don't have to visit a web site to pick it up.
  • Going to be away from home or work on holidays, business trips etc. for a while? You can still receive your email: just visit this site and use the Name Manager to direct your email to an accessible email address (friend, relative, colleague, webmail provider).
  • Every account is equipped with an auto-responder. This is invaluable if you are going to be away and don't need to read your email, but would like to let people know that you have received their email and will respond when you return. You simply compose a message, activate your auto-responder and it will still forward your email, and will also reply to all email received with your message.
Why should I use Magpie Mail rather than one of the 'free' redirection services? Contents

  • Unlike the others, our name (magpies) holds a special meaning for you - otherwise you wouldn't be here.
  • We respect your privacy and security. We are not interested in building databases of information on our clients for the purpose of on-selling. Magpie Mail retains only enough of your information (your username, password and forwarding address) to allow the system to function. We guarantee never to provide any of this information to any person, body or organisation for any purpose whatsoever, unless required to do so by law.

    The following is an extract from 'The Conditions of Use' of a leading 'free' redirection service:
    "By providing information to *****, each User hereby grants permission for ***** to use such information for any purpose unless a restriction on such use is transmitted to ***** by e-mail prior to such use. ***** shall not, however sell such information to any person for the purpose of solicitation of any kind. (See the ***** Privacy Policy).

    "Each User hereby indemnifies ***** against any liability relating to *****'s use of information provided by such User or relating to such User's violation of these Conditions of Use."
  • Many people are uncomfortable with the use of 'cookies'. This is the only redirection service that does not set or retrieve any (none, zip, zilch, we don't do it) cookies.
  • We will never grow to the size of the others. So you won't have to put up with an address such as ''.

Why isn't this a free service? Contents

  • Other redirection services gain significant revenue by selling information about their clients. The client is actually paying for these 'free' services by providing that information for sale. Magpie Mail's only revenue comes from subscriptions received from clients for the provision of the service. By charging the subscription fee, we have removed the need to traffic in our clients' information.
  • has provided free web services to Magpies fans since 1995. The operation has grown to the point of becoming too expensive to continue unless additional services pay their own way. We are not out to make a fast buck - we are dedicated, lifelong supporters of the mighty Magpies, trying to continue a service that many people use and find valuable.
  • Imagine what ratbag supporters of other clubs would do with our name if it was free!

Do I have to pay on-line? Contents

No, you don't have to use the online payment facility. The registration process also gives you the option of sending a cheque or money order by mail.

The advantage of on-line payments is that they are processed automatically and immediately, so you can be sure of getting the name you want. Registrations by mail will be processed once funds are cleared, so you run a small risk that someone else will register your name in the meantime.

Will I still be able to use my current email address? Contents

Yes. Registering a name with Magpie Mail will not effect your current email address at all. Both addresses will work side by side in perfect email harmony.

What changes do I need to make to my email program? Contents

You don't have to make ANY changes. Mail from Magpie Mail will start to arrive at your normal email account as soon as you register. You might like to change your return email address in the settings of your email program so that email you send shows your Magpie Mail address and so that if you send an email to someone, and they hit the reply button, their reply comes back to your magpies address. These settings are as follows:

    Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

    1. Go to the 'Tools' menu and choose 'Accounts'
    2. Click on the 'Mail' tab at the top of the box
    3. Click on your email account in the box (so that it is highlighted)
    4. Click on 'Properties'
    5. Make sure the 'General' tab is at the front
    6. Fill in the fields on that 'General' page making sure that you type your magpies address in the 'E-mail address' field.
    7. Click 'OK'
    8. Click 'Close'
    1. Go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Preferences'
    2. Click on 'Mail and Newsgroups' and select 'Identity'
    3. Type your magpies address into the 'Return address' field.
    4. Click 'OK'.
    1. Go to the 'Tools' menu and choose 'Options'
    2. Select 'Personalities' from the list on the left.
    3. Type your magpies address into the 'Return address' field.
    4. Click 'OK'.

Changing these settings will not effect the normal operation of your email program - it still uses your normal email account to pick up and deliver mail, but to everyone else it will appear that the mail is being handled only by your magpies mail server.

Can I use my Hotmail or Yahoo email account for my Magpie Mail? Contents

Yes. You can use any email address that you normally use. If you give Magpie Mail your Hotmail address, your Magpie Mail will arrive in your Hotmail account.

How long does my Magpie Mail address last? Contents

Registration is for one year. If an address is not renewed after one year, it will be disabled but reserved for 3 months. If it has not been renewed 3 months after expiry it will be released for reallocation.

What and who is Magpie Mail? Contents

Magpie Mail is part of Magpies Net which is owned and operated by Computer Support Tasmania, a leading Tasmanian web design and internet consulting business. Computer Support Tasmania is owned by Mike Wilson, an ex Melbournite and lifelong magpies fanatic, who together with son, Nick, provide web services to a community of unofficial web sites ( devoted to the Collingwood Football Club. Mike and Nick have been providing free unofficial web services to fans of the Collingwood Football Club since 1995. Magpie Mail is an enhancement of those services and provides a way of sharing the Magpies domain name with other loyal and fanatical Magpies supporters.

Does this project carry any official endorsement? Contents

Although the creators of the project are fanatical supporters of the Collingwood Football Club, Magpie Mail is not directed at any one club. There are many Magpies teams, in many sporting codes, throughout the world and this service is offered to all. The project is a private one and has not been endorsed or approved by any official organisation or body.

Any questions we haven't answered? Contents

There are sure to be questions that we haven't covered. Please contact us, we're only too happy to answer any questions you might have. We will make every effort to get back to you the same day, but we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

... oh, one more question:

Why do I need a Magpie Mail address? Contents

Apart from the reasons we've already mentioned?

To show your support for the MIGHTY MAGPIES of course!

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